Papercutting — Double Happiness

On May 2, 2017, Kingsville Public School (KPS) and the Primary School affiliated to Chinese Agricultural University (NDFX) held a Skype meeting on the theme of Chinese culture. Students and teachers from NDFX showed their KPS friends how to paper-cut the Chinese character “囍,” which means double happiness in Chinese. Teachers, students and principals from KPS actively participated in their online interaction with NDFX.


2017年5月2 号,北京农大附小和金斯维尔小学举行了一次关于中国文化的视频交流会。农大附小的孩子们给金斯维尔的老师,校长和同学展示了如何剪出“囍”。金斯维尔的老师们积极参与,并且都完成了自己的作品,与大家分享。

Garden Project

On June 15, 2017, the sister school held another Skype meeting for their students to exchange information about their garden project. KPS students introduced their garden to NDFX students and vice versa.The students deiced to share about what they are planting in their garden and how in their future Skype meeting.


2017年6月15 号,加拿大金斯维尔小学和北京农大附小进行了一次视频交流会。会议的主要内容为种植园的介绍。双方互相介绍了他们各自的种植园,并且决定下次会议能够继续谈论种植园,互相介绍所种植的植物。

Roof Garden & Special Education

At the Skype meeting on May 3, 2018, NDFX students shared with KPS students what they are planting in their roof garden and how using pictures and videos. In addition, KPS’s principal, Mr. James Cowper introduced Ontario’s special education program to teachers, students and principals at NDFX.

Roof Garden & Special Education(Chinese title is missing)

2018年5月3号,加拿大金斯维尔小学和北京农大附小进行了一次视频交流会。农大附小的同学通过视频和照片向加拿大的朋友们他们的顶楼种植园里面的植物,还有包括他们是如果种植这些植物的。校长Mr. Cowper 也向中方的老师和学生介绍了安大略省的特殊教育项目