Skype Meeting

Former Principal Mr. David Garlic of Walkerville Collegiate Institute hosts a Skype meeting with Chinese Sister- School High School Affiliated to Southwest University. Alongside Principal Garlic includes: Dr. Shijing Xu SSHRC Project Director, Dr. Geri Salinitri & Dr. Jonathan Bayley SSHRC Project Co- Applicants from the University of Windsor, Ms. Ju Huang PhD student from Southwest University, and research assistants Nevin & Stephanie.

January 2015,

2015年1 月,Walkerville 中学和姊妹学校重庆西南大学附属中学举办视频会议。与会人员包括:温莎大学教育学院教授许世静教授(中加互惠学习项目负责人),Geri Salinitri教授(温莎大学教育学院副院长),Jonathan Bayley教授,项目研究助理等。