A Campus Tour for the SWU 2018 Group

On September 17, 2018, the Southwest University (SWU) exchange stu-dents visited the campus library under the guidance of the librarians. They learned about various academic services offered by the library. The next day, the SWU students had a guided tour around the Univer-sity of Windsor’s campus. They also had an opportunity to partici-pate in a volunteer activity organized by University’s staff.



SWU 2018 Group Takes Courses at the University of Windsor

On the basis of their professional needs and interests, students from the SWU 2018 group had the opportunity to take different courses at the University Windsor. SWU students enjoyed participating in class-room discussions with the University of Windsor students. They learned new pedagogies and deepened their understandings about Canadian education system through learning with students at the University of Windsor.



SWU 2018 Group Participates in Seminars and Fun Activities at the University of Windsor

With the support of faculty members at the Faculty of Education, the SWU exchange students were able to attend a series of lecture seminars during their three-month internship in Windsor. Dr. Cobb, Dr. Glassford, Dr. Holloway, Dr. Plantus, Dr. Rideout, Dr. Smith, Dr. Starr, Dr. Tucker, and Dr. Zhou, shared their teaching methods and research re-sults through carefully planned lectures and activities. Dr. Sefton and Dr.Bayley performed melodious Cello and flute ensemble on one occasion, allowing the SWU students to appreciate the endless charm of music both in hearing and mind.


在温莎大学教育学院教授和教师们的支持下,2018届西南大学交换生在三个月的实习期间有幸聆听一系列精彩的讲座。Dr. Glassford、Dr. Zhou、Dr. Smith、Dr. Holloway、Dr. Cobb、Dr. Tucker、Dr. Rideout、Dr. Starr在一堂堂生动有趣的讲座中与学生分享自己的教学方法与研究成果。其中,Dr. Plantus将学生们带出教室,通过实践活动让交换生感受教学技巧带来的乐趣;Dr. Sefton和Dr. Bayley动听婉转的大提琴与长笛合奏为学生开启十一月的美好篇章,使交换生们感受到音乐无尽的魅力,无论是听觉还是心灵皆得到了享受。

SWU 2018 Group Welcome Reception at the Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor

On September 17, 2018, under the guidance of Ms. Wu Jie, a group of Southwest University exchange students attended a welcome reception held at the Faculty of Education, University of Windsor. Dr. Ken Montgomery (Dean of the Faculty of Education) and Dr. Geri Salinatri (Associate Dean of UWindsor’s Pre-Service program) presided and expressed their sincere thanks to faculty members, local school administrators and other administra-tive staff members for supporting SWU students’ upcoming placement in Windsor. Dr. Shijing Xu introduced the Reciprocal Learning Program and its many unique aspects. Also, in attendance were, GECDSB Superintendent Dr. Clara Howitt and local school principals — Mr. Baker, Mrs. Connelly, Mrs. Iandolo, Mr. Mills, Mrs. Nantais, Ms. Pottie, Ms. Reaume, Ms. Sweet, Mr. Scadden. The SWU students received a warm welcome from all attendees.


2018届秋季西南大学交换生在武杰老师的带领下参加了温莎大学教育学院举办的欢迎会。Geri Salinitri副院长主持此次欢迎会,并对大学学院老师, 相关行政人员以及与会的客人们对项目的支持表达了由衷的感谢。许世静教授详细介绍了互惠项目后,GECDSB主管Dr. Clara Howwitt、温莎大学教育学院院长Ken Montgomery和当地学校校长们(Walkerville Collegiate Institue校长Mrs. Melissa Nantais等)发言。欢迎会结束后,交换生与教授、校长们共进晚餐,交流对未来实习生活的展望与疑惑, 一番畅谈中,让师生之间的关系更加融合,也使交换生们对实习充满了期待

SWU 2018 Group Farewell Meeting

On December 16th, 2018, Dr. Shijing Xu and her team organized a Christmas-themed farewell at the Canterbury College for the SWU Fall Cohort. Dr. Ken Montgomery, Dr. Jonathan Bayley, Dr. Bruce Tucker and Dr. Anthony Ezeife were all invited to the farewell event. At the party, the SWU exchange students and their guide teacher, Ms. Jie Wu, shared about their Windsor learning experience. They expressed deep gratitude to all faculty members and school principals who had supported them during their three-month stay in Windsor.


2018年12月16日,许世静教授(中加互惠学习项目负责人)团队为为SWU秋季班举行了一个以圣诞节为主题的告别晚会。 Ken Montgomery 院长,Bruce Tucker教授,Jonathan Bayley 教授及Anthony Ezeife教授一起参加了告别会。在晚会上,西南大学交换生和他们的指导老师武洁女士分享了温莎为期三个月的学习经历。他们向所有在温莎逗留期间支持他们的教授和校长表示深切的感谢。

Welcome Reception for SWU 2018 Spring Group

On March 8, 2018, the SWU 2018 Spring Group were given a warm welcome reception at the University of Windsor. Dr. Xu Shijing, one of the project director of SSHRC, Dr. K. W. Michael Siu, the vice president of the University of Windsor and provost Douglas Kneale delivered welcome speeches. Professors Dr. Bruce, Dr. Zuochen Zhang and Dr. Baley also took part in this reception.
During the dinner, the exchange students from SWU had a face-to-face communication with the vice president, provost and professors from the University of Windsor. This reception was their first time trying local food and experiencing Canadian culture. After this welcome, the SWU exchange students started their three-month overseas educational internship journey.


2018年3月8日,来自西南大学春季学生团在温莎大学受到了热情的欢迎。中加互惠学习项目负责人许世静教授,温莎大学副校长Dr. K. W. Michael Siu和教务长Douglas Kneale参加欢迎会,并发表了热情洋溢的欢迎词。Dr. Bruce, Dr. Zuochen Zhang和Dr. Baley也参加了欢迎会。

SWU 2018 Group Teaching Practicum at Prince Edward Public School

In September and October 2018, five exchange students from Southwest University spent six unforget-table weeks of full-time practicum at Prince Edward Public School. With the support and help of Principal Iandolo and other staff members, they managed to observe a wide range of classes from different grade levels. They also learned about different teaching strategies through communicating with teachers and students. During the last week of their stay at Prince Edward, each exchange student gave a lesson about Chinese culture. Children at Prince Edward had an opportunity to experience the charm of Chinese culture through learning about Chinese zodiac, Beijing Opera, tea-making and Chi-nese characters 汉字

2018届秋季西南大学交换生在Prince Edward小学实习

2018年9月-10月,西南大学五名交换生在Prince Edward Public School度过了难忘的六周实习生活。交换生们在校长Mrs. Iandolo和全体教职工的支持与帮助下深入各年级课堂观察,积极与教师们交流、感受学生们给予的温暖。在实习的最后一周,五名交换生在不同班级与孩子们分享十二生肖、京剧脸谱、茶艺、汉字等中国文化,让孩子们感受其中的魅力。

SWU 2018 Group Teaching Practicum at Centennial Central Public School

Starting from September 24th 2018, two Southwest University (SWU) exchange students experienced 6-week full time practicum at Centennial Central Public School. They observed different classes from JK、SK to Grade 8 and had an opportunity to interact with students and teachers. They also learned about the significance of balanced diet for children through helping out at the breakfast program offered by the school. During their last two weeks of placement, the two SWU students taught classes on Chinese culture to different classes at Centennial Central Public School. Students had lots of fun learning about the Chinese Zodiac, the Spring Festival in China, Chinese paper cutting and dumpling making.

2018届西南大学交换生在Centennial Central 公立学校实习

从2018年9月24日开始,两名西南大学交换生在Centennial Central Public School进行了为期六周的实习。他们参与到从幼儿园到八年级的课堂里,与同学老师们进行了深入交流,体会到不同年龄孩子的特点。两位同学每天都参与了早餐项目,认识到营养均衡对孩子们的重要性。在实习的最后两周里她们还向每个班展示了中国文化,比如十二生肖,春节等主题课程,并教学生们剪纸、写汉字、包饺子等活动,让孩子们体验了不一样的文化,深受学生和老师们的喜爱。

SWU 2018 Group Teaching Practicum at Queen Victoria Public School

From September 2018 to October 2018, a group of Southwest University students had their six-week internship at Queen Victoria Public School. During their internship, the exchange students actively engaged themselves in different school activities. They were able to experience professional growth through immersing themselves in classroom activities, working excellent mentors, and accessing materials from the school library. During their last week of placement, the exchanged students practiced their newly gained skills and knowledge through delivering lessons about Chinese culture to students at Queen Victoria. Their lessons on paper-cutting, Chinese zodiacs, Chinese New Year, Chinese knots and Chinese finger-counting were well-received by the students.

2018届西南大学交换生在Queen Victoria小学实习

2018年9月到11月,2018届西南大学交换生Queen Victoria Public School进行了为期六周的实习。校长和副校长为交换生准备了学校特色的礼物并带领交换生们参观校园,交换生们也回赠了极具中国特色的山水画。实习期间,交换生们全身心融入学校活动以及课堂教学之中,通过不断观摩课堂、向指导老师虚心请教、查阅图书室资料等获得了专业的成长,并在离开学校前运用所掌握的教学技巧向不同班级的师生展示了中国文化,如剪纸、中国结、生肖、新年、数字手势等,获得师生们的一致好评。

SWU 2018 Group Teaching Practicum at Talbot Trail Public School

On September 24th, 2018,five Southwest University exchange students began their six-month school placement at Talbot Trail Public School. Thanks to Principal Mr. Baker and Vice Principal Mrs. Pottie’ s help, they observed almost all the grades from JK to Grade 8. This observational experience allowed them to have a thorough understanding of how Canadian elementary school teachers organize their classes. Dur-ing these six weeks, they not only observed a lot of classes, but also took part in many school activities. School activities included The Student of the Month and much more. In addition, the exchange students also presented information about the Chinese Dragon and Peking Opera to Canadian teachers and stu-dents from two different classes. Talbot Trail Public School students had a good time drawing Chinese dragons and face paintings of Peking Opera by themselves.

2018届西南大学交换生在Talbot Trail公立学校实习

从2018年9月24日开始,五位西南大学交换生开始了她们为期六周的在Talbot Trail Public School的实习生活。在校长和副校长的帮助下,她们几乎观摩了从幼儿园到八年级各个年级的课堂,对加拿大老师们如何组织课堂活动有了全面的了解。除了观摩之外,在这六周的时间里,她们还参与了学校的很多活动,例如“每月之星”大会。另外,她们还给加拿大老师和学生上了两节有关龙和京剧的中国文化课。学生们在自己绘制龙和京剧脸谱的过程中度过了一段快乐的时光。

SWU 2018 Group Teaching Practicum at West Gate Public School

In September and October 2018, a group of SWU students conducted their placement at West Gate Public School. What follows were their observations from their first week of placement:
Every morning, West Gate Public School provides breakfast for approximately 150 students. The food is donated by the church and the supermarket nearby, including milk, cereal, fruit and and much more. We volunteered to take part in this program and distribute breakfast to children. Seeing the smiling faces on the children, we also felt happy and satisfied. Every Tuesday morning, four violinists from the Windsor Symphony Orchestra voluntarily played quartet for the children in West Gate Public School and gave the children a lesson about essential music knowledge. During the students' nutrition breaks, teachers will wear special and recognizable clothes to differentiate themselves from strangers in school areas out of security concern. Additionally, they also play the role of a supervisor and offer help to students if necessary. This is a good way to ensure students’ safety and protect them from unexpected harm. Maybe we can also apply this idea to Chinese schools.

2018届西南大学交换生在West Gate小学实习

2018年9月-10月,西南大学五名交换生在West Gate Public School进行了六周充实的实习。以下是交换生们第一周在学校里的观察:
West Gate每天早晨会为150个学生提供免费早餐,会有牛奶、麦片、水果、各种烘焙的糕点等等,由教堂和当地的超市捐赠,我们实习生作为志愿者去给孩子们分发早餐,看到孩子们的笑脸,我们也从中体会到了无比的快乐。 每周二早晨,温莎歌剧院的志愿提琴手会为孩子们演奏四重奏,还会给孩子们统一授课,教孩子们一些必备的乐理知识。 在学生休息期间,出于安全考虑教师会穿上特殊可识别的衣服来区分学校区域的陌生人,他们还扮演主管的角色,并在必要时为学生提供帮助。 这是确保学生安全并保护他们免受意外伤害的好方法。也许我们也可以将它应用于中国的学校。