Welcome Reception for SWU 2018 Spring Group

On March 8, 2018, the SWU 2018 Spring Group were given a warm welcome reception at the University of Windsor. Dr. Xu Shijing, one of the project director of SSHRC, Dr. K. W. Michael Siu, the vice president of the University of Windsor and provost Douglas Kneale delivered welcome speeches. Professors Dr. Bruce, Dr. Zuochen Zhang and Dr. Baley also took part in this reception.
During the dinner, the exchange students from SWU had a face-to-face communication with the vice president, provost and professors from the University of Windsor. This reception was their first time trying local food and experiencing Canadian culture. After this welcome, the SWU exchange students started their three-month overseas educational internship journey.


2018年3月8日,来自西南大学春季学生团在温莎大学受到了热情的欢迎。中加互惠学习项目负责人许世静教授,温莎大学副校长Dr. K. W. Michael Siu和教务长Douglas Kneale参加欢迎会,并发表了热情洋溢的欢迎词。Dr. Bruce, Dr. Zuochen Zhang和Dr. Baley也参加了欢迎会。