SWU 2015 Cohort Enjoying Music Night at UWindsor

During October of 2015, the Southwest University (SWU) and University of Windsor education students enjoyed an exciting music night at Faculty of Education. They prepared together for the music show, which was followed by Dr. Bayley performing his instrumental pieces. Dr. Shijing Xu, David, and SWU guide teacher Na Wu participated in Qipao show.


2015年10月,西南大学交换生和温莎大学师范生参加了教育学院的音乐晚会。他们准备了很多音乐节目。 温莎大学教育学院许世静教授(中加互惠学习项目负责人),项目研究助理David,还有西南大学带队老师巫娜参与了同学们的旗袍秀。

SWU 2015 Cohort Taking a Campus Tour at UWindsor

In September, 2015, the Southwest University (SWU) teacher candidates visited the University of Windsor campus on the day of their arrival. The SWU teacher candidates took many pictures for the start of their journey. The Faculty of Education gave an orientation to the SWU Cohort following the campus tour.


2015 年9月,西南大学交换生参观温莎大学校园。同学们在温莎大学校门口拍摄集体照留念,并且参加了温莎大学教育学院的迎新周活动。

SWU 2015 Cohort Attend Courses at UWindsor

Southwest University (SWU)teacher candidates attended courses at the Faculty of Education in 2015. They observed Dr. Elizabeth Starr’s class about special education. The (SWU) teacher candidates worked actively in the class and gave presentations as well.


2015届西南大学交换生旁听温莎大学教育学院课程。如图,Elizabeth Starr教授为西南大学交换生上特殊教育课。西南大学交换生积极参与大学课程,并且与加方学生一起讨论小组作业。

SWU 2015 Cohort Taking Seminars at UWindsor

The Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor (UW) provided a series of lectures about education to students both from Southwest University and the UW. The SWU Cohort were active in learning while they take notes during the seminars.



SWU 2015 Cohort Enjoy Curling

On October 25th, 2015, the Southwest University (SWU) students experienced curling. Guided by Kevin who is a Reciprocal Learning Program alumnus, the SWU students learned about Canadian sport culture and common values in many different kinds of games.



SWU 2015 Cohort Experience Christmas Culture

In December, the Southwest University (SWU) teacher candidates celebrated Christmas with a Canadian Family. They decorated Christmas trees, prepared dinner together, and exchanged gifts after dinner.



SWU 2015 Cohort Experience Halloween

The Southwest University teacher candidates experienced Halloween with Brianna (Reciprocal Learning Program participant). Dressed in Halloween costumes, they put on ghoul make-up and joined Brianna’s family for “Trick or Treat”.



SWU 2015 Cohort Experience Thanksgiving

The Southwest University Cohort were invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with Canadian families. They arranged table decorations, prepared traditional meals with roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing.



SWU 2015 Cohort Farewell Meeting

In December of 2015, the Southwest University (SWU) Cohort participated in farewell evening with Dr. Shijing Xu, Dr. Bruce Tucker, and Dr. Anthony Ezeife. The SWU teacher candidates delivered excellent presentations regarding their experience in the Windsor Sister Schools. They received certificates from Dr. Bruce Tucker on behalf of Faculty of Education and SSHRC program. Dr. Shijing Xu, research assistant Nevin, 2015 SWU student guide teacher Na Wu, Shichen Zhao, and Hang Yang delivered a traditional Chinese dancing performance at the end of party.


2015年12月,西南大学交换生同温莎大学教育学院许世静教授(中加互惠学习项目负责人), Bruce Tucker教授 以及 Anthony Ezeife教授一起参加了欢送会。学生们通过幻灯片对在温莎姊妹学校的教学实践经历进行了精彩的展示,并从代表教育学院及中加互惠学习项目的Bruce Tucker教授处领取了毕业证书。欢送会接近尾声时,许世静教授,项目研究助理Nevin,2015届西南大学交换生带队老师巫娜,以及交换生赵世臣和杨航还表演了传统中国舞蹈。

SWU 2015 Cohort Trip to East Canada

In October 2015, the Southwest University teacher candidates took a trip to East Canada. Guided by Na Wu, the Southwest University group (Yang, Hang; Yang, Shichang; Li, Xiangyu; Zhang, Yaoyu and etc.) enjoyed city views and learned about Canadian culture.


2015年10 月 西南大学交换生在加东旅行,领略了加东风情,也学习了当地文化。

SWU 2015 Cohort Trip to Point Pelee National Park

The trip to Point Pelee National Park was exquisite for the Southwest University teacher candidates, which also included visiting the heritage centre and learning about wildlife diversity at the national park.



SWU 2015 Cohort Homestay with a Canadian Family

In October 2015, SWU teacher candidates were invited to visit a local Canadian family to experience Canadian culture. The family host prepared barbecue for the group.



SWU 2015 Cohort Visit First Nations Reserve Area

The Southwest University (SWU) teacher candidates took a trip with UWindsor education students to Walpole Island which is a First Nation reserve in southwestern Ontario. SWU students visited the schools and learned about the history and culture of aboriginal people in Canada.


西南大学交换生参观了Walpole Island原著居民生活区,该岛是位于安大略省西南部的原住民区。学生们还参观了岛上的学校,学习了加拿大原住民的历史文化。

SWU 2015 Cohort Welcome Reception

On September 14th, 2015, the Welcome Reception for the Southwest University teacher candidates were greeted by faculty administrators, faculty members and partnered school board administrators and school principals.



SWU 2015 Cohort at Eastwood Public School

In October, the Southwest University teacher candidates took a visit to Eastwood Public School in Windsor. Wenya Qing and Meng Bi delivered a short Chinese class to local students. Professor Na Wu, on behalf of Southwest University Cohort gave paper cut art pieces to the principal as a gift, as they expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to visit Eastwood Public School.


SWU 2015 Cohort at Glenwood Public School

In October, 2015, Southwest University teacher candidates took a visit to Glenwood Public School in Windsor. They attended classes, learned teaching strategies from local teachers and expressed their sincere thanks to the Glenwood Public School staff and members.


SWU 2015 Cohort at Prince Edward Public School

In October, the Southwest University Cohort visited Prince Edward Public School in Windsor. The guide Professor, Na Wu, delivered a mini speech to local students. Shichan Yang taught primary students to experience Chinese Kung-fu while Xiyao Hu taught about how to make Chinese traditional bracelets.

2015年10月,西南大学交换生参观温莎Prince Edward小学。带队老师巫娜给当地学生做了简短演讲。如图,交换生杨仕昌教小学生们体验中国功夫,胡熙垚则指导小学生们制作中式手链。

SWU 2015 Cohort at Queen Victoria Public School

In October, the Southwest University Cohort took a visit to Queen Victoria Public School. They gave the principal, Chinese fans as presents and expressed their gratitude in post cards sent to the teachers. As Halloween was approaching, the entire school was decorated in Halloween atmosphere and Shichen Zhao and Hang Yang took a picture. Shichen Zhao also attended one of the class with the local students to learn about the culture and history of Halloween.

2015年10月,西南大学交换生在Queen Victoria小学参观学习。他们赠送极具中国特色的纸扇给该小学校长作为礼物,并在赠给该校教师的明信片中表达了感激之情。时值当地万圣节,整个学校陈设都透露着节日的气息。如图,交换生赵仕臣和杨航合影留念,赵仕臣还和小学生们一起上课,了解万圣节的历史。

SWU 2015 Cohort at Vincent Massey Secondary School

In November, the Southwest University Cohort guided by Professor Na Wu visited Vincent Massey Secondary School. They took a tour in the main building, the cohort saw posters made by the local students and learned about the school culture.

2015年11月,西南大学交换生在带队老师巫娜教授带领下参观Vincent Massey 高中。 他们参观了教学楼,欣赏了高中生们制作的多样的海报,并了解了该高中的发展历史。

SWU 2015 Cohort at West Gate Public School

In October, Southwest University Cohort visited West Gate Public School in Windsor. Xiaotian Deng delivered a mini lesson to the students and interacted actively with them while Shichen Zhao taught Chinese traditional Kung-fu.

2015年10月,西南大学交换生参观温莎West Gate小学。如图,交换生邓筱天与小学生们在试讲课上互动,赵仕臣则亲身示范,教小学生们体验中国功夫。

SWU 2015 Cohort Visit to Kingsville Public School

On October 9, 2015, Southwest University Cohort visited Kingsville Public School. They toured around the school while actively interacting with students. The principal organized the school visit for the group.


2015年10月9日,西南大学交换生参观了温莎Kingsville 小学。在校长的陪同下,交换生们参观了学校的教学楼,和当地小学生积极互动。