SWU 2014 Group at UWindsor Attending Welcome Reception

September 18, Southwest University (SWU) 2014 Fall cohort guided by Ms. Hong Zhou attended welcome reception at Faculty of Education of University of Windsor. Dr. Geri Salinitri (Associate Dean, Faculty of Education) has chaired this event. University and Education Faculty administrators, for example, Dr. Clayton Smith (Vice-Provost, Stud. Affair&Dean of students), Dr. Diana Kao (Vice-Provost, International Cooperation), Dr. Bruce Tucker (Professor), Dr. Karen Roland (Acting Dean), Dr. Geri Salinitri (Associate Dean, Pre-Service), Dr. Glenn Rideout (Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research), have given welcome speech. Education faculties, e.g. Dr. Jonathan Bayley, Dr. Larry Glassford, and Prof. Paul Preney met with the SWU teacher candidates. Also, GECDSB school board administrator, Dr. Clara Howitt (Superintendent of Education) and the local school principals (Ms. Debra Laforet, Principal of West Gate Public School; Mr. James Cowper, Principal of Kingsville Public School; Ms. Teresa Landolo, Principal of Prince Edward Public School) welcome SWU 2014 cohort to study and visit the local schools in Windsor. In addition, Reciprocal Learning Program UWindsor alumni who have been to SWU and newly enrolled Faculty of Education students joined the welcome reception to give a warm welcome to SWU 2014 Fall cohort.


9月18日,在带队老师周虹的带领下,西南大学交换生参加温莎大学教育学院举办的2014届欢迎会。Geri Salinitri(教育学院院长)教授主持此次会议。温莎大学以及教育学院领导热烈欢迎西南大学交换生,并发表演讲,包括Clayton Smith教授(副教务长),Diana Kao 教授(副教务长),Bruce Tucker教授(教授),Karen Roland教授(教育学院院长), Geri Salinitri教授(副院长),Glenn Rideout教授(副院长)。教育学院Jonathan Bayley教授,Larry Glassford教授和Paul Preney教授和西南大学交换生见面。温莎教委(GECDSB)领导Clara Howitt教授(温莎教委学监)和当地学校校长(West Gate小学Debra Laforet校长,Kingsville小学James Cowper校长,Prince Edward小学Teresa Landolo校长)热烈欢迎2014届西南大学交换生来温莎参观学习。除此之外,曾去过西南大学的中加互惠学习项目的温莎大学交换生和教育学院新生也都参加了此次欢迎会。

SWU 2014 Group Cogeco Let' s Talk Show

In December 2014, Dr. Shijing Xu (The Reciprocal Learning Program Coordinator), Dr. Andrew Alan, Dr. Jonathan Bayley and Southwest University cohort students attended Cogeco “Let’s talk show” host by Mr. Casimir McGeown. The University faculty members introduced the vision, purpose and achievements of Teacher Education Reciprocal Learning Program, discussed with the host about the future development of the program and appreciated the support received from GECDSB and local sister schools.


2014年12月,许世静教授(中加互惠学习项目负责人),Andrew Alan教授, Jonathan Bayley教授和西南大学交换生参加Casimir McGeown先生主持的脱口秀。温莎大学教授们介绍了中加互惠学习项目的成立目的和取得的成果,并和主持人探讨了该项目的未来发展方向,还感谢温莎雅思郡教育局(GECDSB)和当地姊妹校给予的大力支持。

SWU 2014 Group Enjoying Music Night

In November, 2014 Southwest University (SWU) students enjoyed a great music night with Dr. Jonathan Bayley, Dr. Bruce Tucker and Dr. Terry Sefton at Faculty of Education of University of Windsor. SWU female students prepared chorus performance. For example, Lu Liao, Xifeng Liu and other girls practiced several times to deliver perfect performances on the stage. Zipeng Wang played piano and after that Dr. Jonathan Bayley played flute.


2014年11月,西南大学交换生和Jonathan Bayley教授、Bruce Tucker教授、Terry Sefton教授在温莎大学教育学院一起度过了愉快的音乐之夜。为此西南大学女学生们精心准备了合唱表演,如图,廖露,刘西凤和其他女孩们为了展现完美的演出正在紧锣密鼓地练习。此外,交换生王子鹏演奏钢琴,Jonathan Bayley教授也奉上了精彩的长笛表演。

SWU 2014 Group Having Seminar

In September, Reciprocal Learning Program invited education faculty members to give seminars to 2014 Southwest University (SWU) students. Dr. Larry Glassford delivered a presentation of the topic How to Create a Professional Development Portfolio. To express their gratitude for Dr. Larry Glassford, SWU cohort students gave Chinese traditional hand-made fan as a gift to him. Dr. Jonathan Bayley also prepared informational seminar for these SWU teacher candidates.


2014年9月,中加互惠学习项目邀请温莎大学教育学院教授为来访的西南大学交换生准备不同主题的演讲会。图中为Larry Glassford教授向交换生们介绍教师职业发展。为表达对Larry Glassford教授的感谢,学生们赠送了中国传统折扇。此外,Jonathan Bayley教授也为学生们准备了丰富的授课内容。

SWU 2014 Group at UWindsor Experiencing Halloween

On November 1, 2014 Southwest University students experienced Halloween day. They applied Halloween make-up for each other, picked their costumes and carved pumpkin together.


11月1日,2014届西南大学交换生体验万圣节。他们互相给对方化节日妆容,挑选了万圣节服装, 还尝试了雕刻南瓜。

SWU 2014 Group at UWindsor Playing Curling

On October 20, 2014 Southwest University students accompanied by University of Windsor teacher candidates participated in curling games. For example, guided by Kevin, Zipeng Wang practiced sweeping the ice with curling brooms.


2014年10月20日,在温莎大学师范生陪同下,2014届西南大学交换生参与了加拿大流行的冰壶运动。如图,在Kevin 的指导下,西南大学交换生王子鹏正在练习刷冰。

SWU 2014 Group Taking East Canada Trip

On October 27, 2014 Southwest University cohort students took a fieldtrip to East Canada. They not only enjoyed the street views in the city, but also got an opportunity to appreciate local culture.



SWU 2014 Group Watching Lancer Football Competition

On October 5, 2014 Southwest University (SWU) cohort students accompanied by Dr. Bruce Tucker watched Windsor Lancer football competition at Alumni Field. For most SWU students, it was their first time watching live football game and they learned a lot about the football game rules in Canada.


2014年10月5日,在Bruce Tucker教授的陪同下,西南大学交换生在球场观看了温莎Lancer橄榄球队的比赛。 对于大多数西南大学交换生生而言,这是他们第一次现场观看橄榄球赛,而此次体验使他们了解了橄榄球比赛规则。

SWU 2014 Group at Queen Victoria Public School

In October, 2014 Southwest University cohort students went to Queen Victoria Public School. For example, after obtaining the Queen Victoria teachers’ permission, Zhaoqing Liu and Ruixin Hou attended students’ classes, including math, hand craft, English subjects. Ruixin Hou also received a thanks letter from the teacher of Queen Victoria Public School.

2014届西南大学交换生在温莎Queen Victoria小学

2014年10月,西南大学交换生来到了温莎Queen Victoria小学。如图,在得到该小学教师的允许后,交换生刘照清和侯瑞新参观学习了数学、手工艺、英语等课程。侯瑞新还收到了来自温莎Queen Victoria小学老师的感谢信。