SWU 2013 Group at UWindsor Professional Development Programs

In September, 2013 Southwest University (SWU) cohort guided by Professor Qin Yang attended Teacher Professional Development programs at Faculty of Education of University of Windsor. Education faculties, for example, Dr. Shijing Xu (The Reciprocal Learning Program Coordinator), Dr. Terry Sefton, Dr. Anthony Ezeife, Dr. Cam Cobb, Dr. Zuochen Zhang, Dr. Larry Glassford, Dr. Jonathan Bayley, and Dr. Wayne Tousignant, sessional professors and guest speakers have delivered informational courses to SWU teacher candidates. The informational courses cover variety of topics, e.g. teaching methodology, professional-growth portfolio and the importance of working with local community.


2013年9月,在杨琴教授的带领下,西南大学交换生参加温莎大学教师职业发展讲座。温莎大学教育学院教授,包括许世静教授(中加互惠学习项目负责人),Terry Sefton教授,Anthony Ezeife教授,Cam Cobb教授,张佐臣教授,Larry Glassford教授, Jonathan Bayley教授和Wayne Tousignant教授在内,以及客座讲师围绕多个主题为西南大学交换生们讲课,课程主题包括教学法,职业发展规划,在教学中与社区合作的重要性等等。

SWU 2013 Group at UWindsor Welcome Reception

In September, 2013 Southwest University cohort students attended welcome reception at Faculty of Education, University of Windsor. Educational staff and the faculty members, including Dr. Shijing Xu (The Reciprocal Learning Program coordinator), Dr. Zuochen Zhang, Dr. Guoqiang Zhou, Dr. Jonathan Bayley, Dr. Bruce Tucker and Dr. Andrew Allen have met and communicated with SWU cohort students. Dr. Geri Salinitri (Associate Dean, Pre-Service) and Dr. Karen Roland (Acting Dean) chaired the event and delivered welcome speech to SWU cohort students.


2013年9月,西南大学交换生参加温莎大学教育学院举办的欢迎会。教育学院教职员工及许世静教授(中加互惠学习项目负责人),张佐臣教授,周国强教授,Jonathan Bayley教授,Bruce Tucker教授,Andrew Allen教授与西南大学交换生见面并亲切交谈。Geri Salinitri教授(副院长)和教育学院Karen Roland教授(教育学院代理院长),主持此次活动并向到访的交换生致辞。

SWU 2013 Group Farewell Party

In December, 2013 Southwest University (SWU) cohort students attended the farewell party at Faculty of Education of University of Windsor. As Christmas holiday was approaching, education faculty members and SWU students all wore deer horn accessories and decorated the party site exquisitely to create Christmas atmosphere. Dr. Clayton Smith (Vice-Provost, Stud. Affair &Dean of students) and Dr. Bruce Tucker delivered speech to SWU students and appreciated their dedication to Reciprocal Learning Program. Dr. Anthony Ezeife on behalf of Reciprocal Learning Program and Education faculty issued graduation certificates to every SWU teacher candidate to acknowledge their efforts in Canada. SWU cohort students took photos with the education faculty members and appreciated their help.


2013年12月,西南大学交换生参加温莎大学教育学院举办的告别晚会。由于圣诞节季即将来临,教育学院教授和交换生们都戴着鹿角头饰,精心装饰了晚会场地,营造出圣诞节的氛围。Clayton Smith教授(副教务长)和Bruce Tucker教授发表了演讲,感谢西南大学交换生为中加互惠学习项目付出的努力。Anthony Ezeife教授代表中加互惠学习项目和教育学院为每一名在场交换生颁发毕业证书,肯定了他们在加拿大期间的贡献。西南大学交换生和教育学院教授们一一合影留念,并表达了他们的感激之情。

SWU 2013 Group at Point Pelee National Park

In October, 2013 Southwest University (SWU) cohort students guided by Dr. Shijing Xu, Professor Qin Yang and Dr. Bruce Tucker took a fieldtrip in Point Pelee National Park. Pelee Island, known as natural heritage in Ontario, is situated in the Western Basin of Lake Erie, Canada’s southernmost lake. The guide professors and SWU cohort students reached the southernmost point of mainland Canada, and took a group picture there.


2013年10月,西南大学交换生在许世静教授,杨琴教授和Bruce Tucker教授的带领下,来到霹雳岛国家公园一日游。霹雳岛位于加拿大最南端的湖——伊利湖的西侧流域,是安大略省著名的自然遗迹。带队教授们和交换生们来到了加拿大最南端,并在那里合影留念。

SWU 2013 Group Experiencing Festivals

In 2013, Southwest University (SWU) cohort students celebrated Thanksgiving Day, Mid-Autumn Day and experienced Halloween Day with their Canadian friends in Windsor. For example, Jia Cheng celebrated Thanksgiving Day with Dr. Bruce Tucker’s family and enjoyed roasted turkey and mashed potato. On Mid-Autumn day, SWU cohort students invited their UWindsor buddies to their residence for celebrating a Chinese festival. The SWU cohort prepared mooncakes, made dumplings, and baked cupcakes for dinner. As for Halloween Day, the SWU students dressed in costumes, experienced “Trick or Treat” and carved pumpkins.


2013年,西南大学交换生在温莎庆祝感恩节,中秋节并体验了万圣节。如图,西南大学学生程佳和Bruce Tucker教授一家共同庆祝感恩节,一起享用烤火鸡和土豆泥。在中秋节当天,西南大学交换生邀请了温莎大学教育学院学生共度中秋。他们一起包饺子,吃月饼,烤纸杯蛋糕。到了万圣节,西南大学交换生换上了节日服饰,玩起了“不给糖就捣乱”的游戏,还一起雕刻了南瓜。

SWU 2013 Group History Museum & Winery Trip

In November, 2013 Southwest University cohort students guided by Dr. Bruce Tucker visited the North American Black Historical Museum & Cultural Center and local wineries. The exhibition in the museum left the SWU students deep impressions. Then, the students went to wineries, including D’ Angelo, Sprucewood Shores, Black Beer and Pelee Island Winery. For example, Yue Jiang and Jia Cheng tasted varieties of wines, especially the famous ice wine in Canada and had a bite of authentic snack prepared by the host.


2013年11月,西南大学交换生在Bruce Tucker的带领下,参观了北美黑人历史博物馆文化中心,以及当地的酒窖。博物馆里的展览给西南大学学生们留下了深刻的印象。接下来,学生们参观了酒窖,如图,交换生江樾,程佳品尝了各种红酒,尤其是著名的加拿大冰酒,交换生们还品尝了酒窖主人准备的特色小吃。

SWU 2013 Group School at Dr. H. D. Taylor Public School

In October, 2013 Southwest University students came to Dr. H. D. Taylor Public School. The primary students made a poster with SWU students name on it to welcome the SWU students’ arrival. With the principal Debra Laforet’ s permission, SWU students joined the breakfast program and helped delivering foods for the students who did not have breakfast meals at home. Jie Deng and Han Jin got the opportunity to teach local students Chinese characters after class. After observing in the placement school, the SWU teacher candidates have noticed the differences between elementary schools in Canada and China.


2013年10月,西南大学交换生来到Dr. H. D. Taylor小学。小学生们以加拿大国旗作背景,制作了印有西南大学交换生名字的海报,热烈欢迎了他们的到来。西南大学交换生还得到了Debra Laforet校长的允许,帮助学校职工为没吃早餐的孩子们分发食物。邓洁和金翰还在课余时间教当地学生写汉字。通过在该校参观学习,西南大学交换生得以了解中加小学的差异。

SWU 2013 Group School at J. L. Forster Secondary School

In December, 2013 Southwest University teacher candidates guided by Professor Qin Yang visited Windsor J. L. Foster Secondary School to observe classes, including history, basic piano, English as Second Language (ESL) and geography subjects. What impressed SWU students are the variety of vocational classes provided in J. L. Foster Secondary School. Xuheng Zeng, Xiaoya Ma and Jieling Song visited the Ms. Spolsky’ s food class, Ms. Berri’ s Dissection class and tech class.

2013届西南大学交换生在J. L. Foster高中

2013年12月,西南大学交换生在杨琴教授带领下来到J. L. Foster中学参观学习。他们参观的课程包括历史课,地理课,钢琴基础课,以及英语作为第二语言教学课。最令交换生们印象深刻的是该学校多种多样的职业培训课程。如图,交换生曾旭恒,马小雅和宋洁灵参观了Spolsky老师的烹饪课,Berri老师的生物解剖课,和技工课堂。

SWU 2013 Group School Board Presentation

On December 10, 2013 Southwest University cohort students guided by Dr. Shijing Xu (The Reciprocal Learning Program coordinator) Presented at Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB). Dressed in Qipao, the SWU cohort students presented their experiences and learning outcomes in Windsor public schools, expressed their thanks for GECDSB, and appreciated the opportunities provided by Reciprocal Learning Program.