UWindsor 2017 Group Attending Seminars

In their first week at Southwest University, the UWindsor students had the privilege of attending a series of introductory workshops put on by professors from the Southwest University Faculty of Teacher Education. There was an interesting and eye-opening Chinese history class that included information from China’s birth up to the modern era. In addition, a fantastic and divisive class about the history of Chinese education was offered to the students. Chinese painting and art history were taught, as well as calligraphy. Finally, the students had a Chinese music class that incorporated some beginner lessons in playing the guzheng. The UWindsor students were humbled by these fantastic educational experiences and will carry the knowledge and skills gifted to them from the professors at Southwest University for the rest of their lives.


在西南大学的第一周,来自温莎大学的学生们有幸参加了由西南大学教师教育学院的教授组织的一系列介绍性课程。 中国历史课最为有趣,内容包括中国起源到近现代的历史事件。 此外,西南大学的学生们还展示了一堂关于中国教育历史的课程,其中包括教授中国绘画和艺术史以及书法。 最后,学生们参与了中国古典音乐课,学习怎么开始演奏中国传统乐器古筝。 温莎大学的学生们被这些有趣的课堂带动,并将把他们从西南大学获得的知识和技能带入他们的教学当中。

UWindsor 2017 Group Delivering Workshops

A long weekend spent in Chengdu presented the UWindsor students with an opportunity to introduce elements of Canadian culture to students in China. On April 1st, 2017, Alaura, Aline, Altion, Michael, and Victoria visited Chengdu Shishi High School whose campus is adorned with lush greenery, blooming flowers, and a sparkling fountain. After receiving a tour of the school, the UWindsor students conducted two separate workshops for select groups of students. Altion and Victoria enlightened students on the variety of sports played in Canada. Alaura, Aline, and Michael hosted a workshop about camp during which students actively engaged in various camp games such as Huckle Buckle, Pass the Hoop, and Pie Splat. Whether they were teaching about sports or camp, the UWindsor students got a taste of what it was like to teach in a high school in China and had a better idea of how to move forward in lesson planning for their upcoming high school practicums at DePu Foreign Language School and the High School Affiliated with Southwest University.


在成都的一个周末,来自温莎大学的学生们借此机会向中国学生介绍加拿大的文化。 2017年4月1日,Alaura,Aline,Altion,Michael和Victoria参观了成都石室中学,这所高中的校园布满了郁郁葱葱的绿树,盛开的花朵和闪闪发光的喷泉。温莎大学的学生们在参观校园后主持了两个单独的研讨会。 Altion和Victoria向学生们展示了加拿大多样的体育运动。 Alaura,Aline和Michael主持了一个营地讲习班,鼓励学生们积极参与各种营地比赛,如Huckle Buckle,Pass the Hoop和Pie Splat。在讲解过程中,温莎大学的学生们都掌握了在中国高中教学的诀窍,并且更好地了解了如何在制定教学机会,更重要的是,他们学到了如何为即将到来的重庆德普外国语高中和西南大学附属实验中学课程进行教学。

UWindsor 2017 Group Experiencing Chinese Culture

Along with many workshops that the group attended, they had the opportunity to experience several cultural activities. One was attending a Kungfu session. The UWindsor group experienced an introduction class in Kungfu and quickly realized that this activity, much like many Chinese activities, involves precision, focus, and stamina. The instructor taught specific movements and transitions to execute the specific choreography. Although the UWindsor students did not leave the session as Kungfu masters, they had much more respect for the art form and were sore several days afterwards.


除了参加许多研讨会之外,来自温莎大学的学生们还体验了几项文化活动。 其中最特别的是学习功夫。 温莎大学的学生们上了一堂功夫介绍课,他们很快意识到功夫与许多其他中国传统运动非常相似,要求精确性,专注力和耐力。 教师教授具体的动作和转换以实现特定的套路。 虽然一堂课并没有让温莎大学的学生们成为功夫大师,但他们对这种艺术形式有了更多的理解和敬畏,在几天之后感觉腰酸背痛。

UWindsor 2017 Group Attending Chinese Painting Classes

Chinese painting and art in general is much different from western traditions. The west is very interested in realistic forms of art while Chinese paintings consistently involve the audience's imagination. The UWindsor group learned that many paintings of mountains and figures will lack a complete background and leave the rest for the viewer to imagine. The UWindsor group learned how to paint traditional bamboo and leaves. This session was led by an art professor from Southwest University. This session sparked so much interest that some UWindsor students went on to buy painting materials and paint on their own. Here the group learned how to paint cherry blossoms and simple figures. This valuable experience expressed Chinese traditions in painting and opened the door to understanding traditional Chinese art.


中国的绘画和艺术总体上与西方的传统有很大的不同。西方对现实的艺术形式非常感兴趣,而中国绘画始终涉及观众的想象力。 来自温莎大学的学生们了解到,许多山脉和人物的绘画都采用了留白的方法,以留给观者想象的空间。实习教师们学习了如何画传统的竹叶。这次研讨课由西南大学的一位艺术教授指导。这甚至激发了实习教师们购买绘画材料和颜料的兴趣。成员们学习了如何画樱花和一些简单的图样,这宝贵的经历为他们打开了理解中国传统艺术的大门。

UWindsor 2017 Group Participating in Chinese Tea Ceremonies

Traditional tea ceremonies are a key component of Chinese culture and it was an activity that UWindsor students found themselves participating in on more than one occasion. On March 15th, 2017, Alaura, Aline, Altion, Michael, and Victoria visited the Qing Shan Ju Tea House outside the Temple of Heaven in Beijing where they sampled seven types of tea: ginseng oolong, pu’er, lychee black, jasmine, green, fruit, and oriental beauty. During their first tea ceremony, they also received a lesson on proper tea etiquette such as how to hold the cup and the importance of savoring tea by sipping it. On May 6th, 2017, Alaura, Aline, and Michael joined several Southwest University teacher candidates on a visit to a teahouse in the Beibei District of Chongqing. The owner of the teahouse not only conducted a tea ceremony for them and also delighted to give them a tour of the teahouse. Alaura, Aline, and Michael even jumped at the opportunity to learn how to properly conduct a traditional Chinese tea ceremony (see UWindsor 2017 Group Visiting Vocational Schools). Participating in traditional Chinese tea ceremonies and visiting teahouses allowed the UWindsor students to embrace elements of Chinese culture while strengthening their friendships with the Southwest University teacher candidates.


传统茶艺是中国文化的重要组成部分,这也是来自温莎大学的学生们不止一次参加的活动。 2017年3月15日,Alaura,Aline,Altion,Michael和Victoria参观了北京天坛外的青山居茶馆,品尝了七种茶并接受了关于茶礼仪的培训,例如如何握杯,以及啜饮品茶的重要性等。 2017年5月6日,Alaura,Aline和Michael与几位来自西南大学的实习教师们一起,拜访了重庆北碚区的一家茶馆。茶馆的老板不仅为他们表演了茶艺,还很高兴地带他们参观了茶室。 Alaura,Aline和Michael还学习如何正确开展中国传统茶道(参见UWindsor 2017团队访问职业学校)。参加传统的中国茶礼和参观茶馆,使来自远方的实习教师能够接触中国文化,同时加强与西南大学的实习教师们的友谊。

UWindsor 2017 Group Campus Life

Throughout their stay in Chongqing, the 2017 Reciprocal Learning Program University of Windsor students spent a lot of time on the campus of Southwest University. Stunned by its massive size, the students took time to adapt to the campus without getting lost. Thankfully, the students made many friends in China, Altion and Victoria were often found playing sports with Li Qiyang. Alaura and Aline fell in love with the chicken restaurant next to the International Students Dormitory and spent much of their free time there. Michael often disappeared without notice, but the other students knew he would be travelling with Longmin, Wenhua, Jiawei, or someone else who would keep him safe. Throughout the trip, the students learned to love Southwest University for its amazing facilities and natural beauty spread throughout the campus in its dense foliage.


在重庆的交流生活中,温莎大学的学生们在西南大学校园生活得最久。 由于校园庞大的规模,学生们花了很久适应校园。 好在这些学生在中国结交了很多朋友, Altion和Victoria人经常与李其阳一起打球。 Alaura和Aline爱上了国际学生宿舍旁边的鸡肉餐厅,并将大部分空闲时间用在了这里。 Micheal经常在没有通知的情况下消失,但其他实习教师们知道他会和其他能够保证他安全的人一起游玩。在这次交流中,实习教师们爱上西南大学的惊人的规模,秀丽的美景和校园内茂密的树木。

UWindsor 2017 Group Exploring Chongqing

In April, 2016 UWindsor cohort students took a visit at Southwest University (SWU) Central Library and History Museum. The librarian of SWU Central Library introduced the overview of SWU library to UWindsor teacher candidates. During the visit in the History museum, UWindsor teacher candidates walked around to learn more about the history of SWU. As the picture shows, David and other UWindsor students was listening to the introduction of school badge of SWU.


在实习教师们居住在中国的三个月里,他们利用此次机会探索重庆,与朋友一起旅行。学生们参观了金岛峡谷风景区和重庆园博园等众多令人惊叹的地方。 他们还搭乘缆车到缙云山顶,探索重庆市区,如解放碑和洪雅洞等。 所有这些冒险活动都是为了让学生更加熟悉这座城市,更加努力地学习与工作,传递他们所经历的快乐给学生们。

UWindsor 2017 Group Enjoying Chinese Homestays

The UWindsor 2017 Group had several unforgettable opportunities to visit professors and students homes. These visits taught the group how to make traditional foods such as dumplings, won tons. In family homes, students performed their calligraphy skills, food preparation traditions and special skills like dancing and playing music. The group learned that the child of the family were treasured gifts and emphasized the importance of studying. They encourage their children to keep improving in their studies and extracurricular activities. One family designated a wall for their child’s achievements to encourage them to keep achieving more. The group experienced many traditional dishes including zongzi, a traditional rice dish that contains different fillings wrapped in a bamboo leaf. The home visits were treasured experiences for the group and let UWindsor students peer into the everyday lives of Chinese families.



UWindsor 2017 Group Teaching Practicum at SWU Affiliated High School

From May 16th, 2017 to May 27th, 2017, the University of Windsor Reciprocal Learning Program teacher candidates enjoyed a practicum at the High School Affiliated with Southwest University. In these two weeks, Alaura taught students about Canada, and even gave a seminar to a room of over one hundred students. Aline used mind maps to teach students about the Industrial Revolution and also gave a lesson about education in Canada. Michael was able to expound his knowledge of Western philosophy in a challenging metacognitive class and used drama to bring D-Day to life in a lesson about English comprehension through the lens of World War II. Michael also enjoyed the opportunity to teach in the attached International School, where the students were instructed entirely in English and learned British curriculum. As a trio, Alaura, Aline, and Michael gave a lesson about occupational education to a group of students in Grade Seven that involved a lot of fun demonstrations. The time spent at the High School Affiliated with Southwest University was truly a wonderful learning experience for the UWindsor students.


2017年5月16日至2017年5月27日,温莎大学互惠学习计划的教师实习生们在西南大学附属中学实习。在这两个星期里, Alaura为当地学生讲解了关于加拿大的知识,还为100多名学生举办了一个研讨班。 Aline使用思维导图来教授学生关于工业革命和加拿大教育的内容。Michael在具有挑战性的元认知课堂上阐述他对西方哲学的知识,并通过戏剧使“D-day”在二战时期的英语含义理解在课堂中生动起来。Michael还在附属的国际学校教书,在那里实行全英文授课,学生们学习了英国的课程。Alaura,Aline和Michael一起为七年级学生提供了职业教育课程,其中包括许多有趣的示范。在西南大学附属中学度过的时间对来自温莎大学的学生们来说确实是一次美妙的学习体验。

UWindsor 2017 Group Teaching Practicum at Zeng Jia Yan Primary School

From April 5th, 2017 to May 12th, 2017, Alaura, Aline, and Michael completed part of their teaching practicums at Zeng Jia Yan Primary School in the Yuzhong District under the supervision of various English-language associate teachers. Through lectures, games, songs, and videos, they engaged their students in lessons that covered a variety of topics such as animals, colours, body parts, the weather, and holidays. Their teaching experience was not limited to textbook content; Alaura and Aline assisted a select group of students in making dreamcatchers during a sister school Skype meeting with Prince Edward Public School back in Windsor. For Alaura, Aline, and Michael, the entire experience at Zeng Jia Yan Primary was beneficial to their growths as educators because it propelled them to strengthen their classroom management skills, engage in creative thinking, and embrace a flexible approach to teaching.


2017年4月5日至2017年5月12日,Alaura,Aline和Michael在渝中区的曾家岩小学英语辅导教师的监督下完成了部分教学实习。通过讲座,游戏,歌曲和视频,他们邀请学生们参加包括动物,肤色,身体部位,天气和假日等各种主题的课程。教师们不限于教材内容教授课程, Alaura和Aline在与爱德华王子公立学校的姊妹学校Skype会议期间教授学生们如何制作捕梦网。对于Alaura,Aline和Michael来说,在曾家岩小学的经历对于他们作为教育工作者的成长是有益的,促进了他们加强课堂管理技能,进行创造性思维,并采取灵活的教学方法。

UWindsor 2017 Group Teaching Practicum at DePu Foreign Language School

Beginning from April to early June, some of the teacher candidates from the Reciprocal Learning Program taught at Chongqing Depu Foreign Language School. The teacher candidates were responsible for delivering Oral English lessons to sections of grade one and three students. Teaching at Depu FLS involved integrating curriculum material and educational games to motivate and encourage students to speak and communicate in English. Aside from teaching, the UWindsor group members were also responsible for monitoring, assessing and engaging with the students both inside and outside of the classroom setting. UWindsor teacher candidates gained valuable cultural and educational experience working with students and teachers at Depu FLS.


从4月至6月初,互惠学习计划的教师实习生们在重庆德普外国语学校任教,负责教授一年级和三年级的学生口语课。 教学包括整合课程材料和教育游戏,以鼓励学生用英语说话和交流。 除了教学之外,小组成员们还负责观察,评估课堂环境内外的学生并鼓励学生们。温莎大学的教师实习小组在德普与学生和老师一起工作,获得了宝贵的文化和教育经验。

UWindsor 2017 Group Visiting Chengdu Schools

The Canadian group had the opportunity to travel to Chengdu via the fast train during their stay in China. During this time UWindsor students had the opportunity to visit several schools. One school in particular was Chengdu Montpellier Primary School. This new school is taught by a group of young teachers and puts emphasis on learning not only Chinese and English but French as well. UWindsor students arrived on their Sports Day and participated and conversed with the young students which quickly turned into many games of tag, clapping games, and small chats in English. The group also attended the ShiShi High School in Chengdu where UWindsor students taught workshops. Victoria and Altion taught a lesson on Canadian geography while Michael, Alaura, and Aline taught about Canadian camps. The high school students were extremely kind and willingly participated in the activities and team builders the UWindsor group lead. The group felt especially welcomed by the Chengdu teachers and would easily visit again thanks to their friendliness and hospitality.



UWindsor 2017 Group Visiting Vocational Schools

On May 19th, 2017, several of the UWindsor students had the opportunity to visit the Chongqing Beibei Vocational High School. Accompanied by a representative of the school, Alaura, Aline, and Michael toured the school grounds. The highlight of the visit was participating in a hospitality administration class in which Alaura, Aline, and Michael were walked through the proper steps on how to conduct a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. On June 2nd, 2017, Alaura and Aline visited Chongqing Municipality Vocational High School. Alaura and Aline particularly enjoyed spending time in the coffee shop-like room where a student barista prepared cappuccino for them and the school director conducted another traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Overall, the three UWindsor students found these visits to be quite intriguing and appreciated the opportunity to explore environments that put a lot of emphasis on hands-on learning.


2017年5月19日,来自温莎大学的学生们在学校的一名代表的陪同下参观重庆北碚职业中学。Alaura,Aline和Michael学习了如何进行中国传统茶道仪式的准备的茶道课程。 2017年6月2日,Alaura和Aline参观了重庆市职业高中。 Alaura和Aline特别喜欢在咖啡厅里消磨时间,咖啡学徒们为他们准备了卡布奇诺咖啡,学校主任还展示了中国传统茶道。来自温莎大学的三名学生认为这些访问寓教于乐,关注实践,非常有趣。