Auditing Faculty of Education Courses

In May, 2013 University of Windsor (UWindsor) cohort of teacher candidates guided by Dr. Jonathan Bayley and Dr. Zuochen Zhang visited Southwest University in Chongqing through Reciprocal Learning Program. Faculty of Teacher Education at Southwest University coordinated faculty members to provide UWindsor cohort with varieties of Chinese cultural workshops. Dr. Jonathan Bayley and Dr. Zuochen Zhang has led the cohort to experience Chinese traditional culture, such as Calligraphy and Traditional Chinese Instruments. Dr. Jonathan Bayley and UWindsor teacher candidates created their own art pieces of bamboo or tree peony in the class “Chinese painting basic techniques: Xieyi painting, bamboo and tree peony”. As for the instruments class, Dr. Jonathan Bayley and the UWindsor RLP cohort placed plectrums on top of every finger of hands (little finger excluded), and practiced creating sounds after learning basic plucking actions. Also, they learned about different movements of Taichi in the traditional Chinese Taichi clothing style.


2013年5月,温莎大学中加互惠交流计划的Jonathan Bayley教授和张佐臣教授带领温莎大学交换生参观了重庆西南大学。重庆西南大学教育学院为他们准备了一系列中国传统文化体验课。在这过程中,Jonathan Bayley教授、张佐臣教授和学生们通过学习书法和中国传统乐器体验中国文化。Jonathan Bayley 教授还和温莎大学学生学习了基础的国画写意技巧并创作了他们自己的作品。在古筝课上他们共同学习了如何戴指套并了解了一些基础的弹拨技巧。 武术课上,交换生们换上传统的太极服饰,学习了不同的太极招式。

Culture activities

In May, UWindsor 2013 cohort (Education students) travelled to China for Reciprocal Learning Program. Guided by Dr. Jonathan Bayley (professor in Faculty of Education), the UWindsor teacher candidates experienced Chinese culture by taking a downtown trip in Chongqing. They visited Government building, Hongya Cave, and Dazu Rock Carvings. Dr. Jonathan Bayley and the teacher candidates were invited to the 2013 SWU Art School Graduation Exhibition. They were also invited to participate in a Martial Arts class.


2013年5月,温莎大学交换生来到中国参加中加互惠学习项目。在温莎大学Jonathan Bayley教授的陪同下,交换生们探索中国文化,游览了重庆城区。如图, 他们参观了重庆市人民政府,洪崖洞,大足石刻。Jonathan Bayley教授和学生们还受邀参观了西南大学艺术学院2013届本科毕业生作品展。他们也被邀请体验武术课程。

Learning at Local Schools

In October, UWindsor 2013 cohort (Education students) travelled to China for Reciprocal Learning Program. Guided by Dr.Jonathan Bayley and Dr. Zuochen Zhang, the teacher candidates experienced Chinese school culture by visiting Dongyang Primary School in Chongqing. They watched flag-raising ceremony. The teacher candidates delivered classes to the primary students and also attended workshops with Southwest University teacher candidates.


2013年10月,温莎大学交换生来到中国参加中加互惠学习项目。在温莎大学Jonathan Bayley教授和张佐臣教授带领下,温莎大学师范学生在重庆东阳小学参观学习。他们体验中国文化,观看升旗仪式,给小学生们上课,并和西南大学师范生一起参加了研讨会。